When men watched pornography through virtual reality (VR) technology, they felt more desired, more flirted with, and more connected to the actresses, compared to when they watched a 2D video. They also felt a stronger urge to interact with the actresses and perceived them to be more intelligent

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Isnt that because VR videos are made with the intention that you (the person operating the headset) are watching and is having a virtual interaction? Where as regular porn it never needed to have that interaction in the 1st place.


Scientific proof that little brain always overrides big brain.


How do you even test for that. Yo did you watch the porno we sent you? Did she seem like a smart gal? No? What about that VR porno? Seemed smarter ? Cool. Ok.


Anecdotally, I have to say I’ve felt this. The feeling of being with someone can be pretty intense, in a way that traditional video just isn’t.


How did they feel about having the women’s naughty bits stuck an inch away from the camera? Seriously… back up about a half a foot.