Why do religious people feel it is their place to bully people with different beliefs than them? This girl made a video about her experience with religion and this Christian responded to her video with such hate and calling her garbage. Due to her experience? The Girl was so kind in her response…

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I think people claiming to be religious are only doing so to have a channel to forgive their shitty behaviour, morals and ethics. They act shit and then pray for forgiveness.


It’s sad that it’s taken people thousands of years just to realize this and yet brainwashed people still remain loyal to this fairytale idea of god. How many more lives does religion need to take or damage before we understand it’s not real?


Fukem Fuckem ALL!


For a while the atheist community was pretty harsh to people. Not outright hate bit surely not nice. I don’t really think that’s the case any more, or it could be that I’m not in high school any more and don’t follow that content


How long does it take to get a one on one evaluation of your sins with god? Does he delegate some of the people to angels? Is he in all places simultaneously doing everybody at the same time? Or do you have to stand in line for a long time? I need to know for a friend.