Why do we buy into the ‘cult’ of overwork?

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And at the end of the day, companies want to make money. “We dehumanised the workplace a long time ago, and I’m not saying it with any pride,” says Lechner. For many companies, it’s still: **”If you don’t work, then someone else will come along and do it. And if that’s not gonna help, we’ll allocate it to the AI. And if the AI takes over, we’ll put together a gig workforce.” Overwork, or get left behind.** That’s why she does not believe burnout will be solved anytime in the near future. “It’s not necessarily a message people like to hear. They think they enter a relationship with an employer where the relationship says, ‘I work hard, you take care of me’. Again, this is a 20th Century mindset.”


First we enslaved each other, then we called it work and made it look like they had free will.


I firmly believe that humans were never meant to work, and that only the ego and power hunger of others created this broken society that’s entirely been reliant on slavery and overwork.


They divided us and then they conquered us. American was talked into not liking unions, meanwhile the French and Germans take month long vacations, have excellent affordable healthcare and pensions. We get the “free market” “bootstraps” and “liberty*” *some restrictions apply


This is highly personal as I just hit burnout after a little more than a year in a tech startup (5th year in the industry). The culture there praised overworking and promoted workaholics. I just spent the last week near death, going to the ER 3 times for extreme panic attacks, anxiety, and exhaustion. People are becoming dehumanized even more and looked at like replaceable light bulbs with little regard for their well-being. I don’t entirely blame my company as this is a systemic problem that naturally will happen with unconstrained capitalism (with the stress of a pandemic to boot for a small start up) The problem lies with there being little social safety net in America so we would rather work ourselves to death than lose our jobs and have to fend for ourselves in the harsher reality of this current world. The division of wealth is so extreme that not accepting this overworking culture is almost akin to death. The system needs to change. Trumps populism was one of the first canaries in the coal mine to show the suffering that is beginning (I don’t support anything about him or his base but I can empathize with them) If we want a healthy society where more than the 10% can live in a healthy fashion, we need to radically change things. Productivity growth through automation needs to be socialized, not hoarded by the few elite.