Why do you think the term “Dude” should, or shouldn’t be used as a gender neutral term?

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I’d say it’s a gender neutral term generally but it would depend upon the context. If I’m using it to address someone, like, “Dude did you see that show yesterday?” or “Dude this food is so good” it can mean anyone – man, woman, whatever. If I were to use it to talk *about* someone, like, “That dude over there, with the weird hair” or “That one dude, what’s his name? From the movie” I would only EVER use it to talk about a man or someone who identifies as a man, or whatever. I would never say “that dude over there” if I were talking about a woman.


Just live your life, buddy.


Speaking as a child of the 90s, “dude” is ABSOLUTELY gender neutral. It’s brilliant. It’s used to refer to WHOMEVER you are addressing. It accurately describes a well know acquaintance or a complete stranger, and inflection determines everything. It’s uplifting, degrading, complementary, accusatory or indemnifying all based on CONTEXT. As gender is constructed, there is no better adaptable word than “dude” to express the inconsequential and simultaneously important essence of gender.


I tend to use the more politically correct “Mother fuckers”


I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude, we’re all dudes, hey!