With AI on the rise, is it time to join a union?

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Unions are important. If you wonder why boomers could buy a house with a factory job out of high school and you can’t, it’s because of unions. Overtime and hazard pay? Unions. 8 hour work day? Unions. Benefits? Unions. Livable wage? Unions. Stripping power from the workers and moving that money up the chain to the top start with them going after Unions and it won’t go away until Unions are the norm again.


*It’s always time to join a union.*


The Lords will frown at this…


Not sure how it will help. At some point, if ones job is replaced by a machine, being in a union won’t fix that. I’m not anti-union, but in this instance I don’t see how it will help, how do you picket a robot?


It’s always time to start a union!