Woman recovers wallet lost 46 years ago in California

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One of my buddies lost his wallet on a New Jersey beach once. 2 weeks later or so it arrived in the mail from Canada with everything still in it minus a few bucks the kind stranger used to pay for the postage. People like this are what we should aspire to be.


What a sweet and uplifting story! Kudos to Mr. Stevens (the fellow who found the wallet) for taking the time and making the effort to find its owner. I’m glad so much of it was still untouched, although I do wonder what happened to the $200 check. Did someone cash it? And how big was the hole in her purse that an entire wallet could fall through?


Oh man that 20 bucks she had in there would be worth like 150 dollars now…


I lost a five dollar bill. If anyone finds one it’s probably mine.


Tribe called quest playing in my head