A man was riding his motorcycle through the border of Germany and Austria every week carrying 2 bags filled with sand.

The border guard, an older man, searched both bags every time, but never found anything so he let him through. This goes on for a couple days until the border guard had his last day before retirement. Again the man comes to the boarder, both bags filled with sand. The guard asks him: “Look man, today is my last day. I know you are smuggling SOMETHING so please tell me, I won’t bust you. I’m dying of curiosity since I never seem to find anything in the bags.” The man grins and says: “I’m smuggling motorcycles.”

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That’s an old one but a good one.


I took German in High School. One of the stories we learned to read was, something like “Der Schlauer Kaufman”.. The Clever Businessman. He would bring a box of left handed gloves through one border crossing, and the box of right handed gloves through a different border crossing. The border agent at each crossing, figuring the gloves were worthless without the other, wouldn’t charge him duty at the border and each time would wave him by.


I know it with bicycle. Clever joke!


Please explain I’m too dumb to understand


Old joke, the guy has a wheelbarrows full of horse $hit. He is stealing wheelbarrows