Any reason to take USAA’s 25k career starter loan for military officers?

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Issue 1 with having two loans is having two minimum payments. So even if you save money on interest you are paying more every month. The advantage is obviously you pay more every month for a SHORTER period of time and you pay less in interest So question 1 – is paying on two loans going to be an issue? Question 2 – how exactly does that rule read? If you take the 25k and pay down straight up 25k on another loan that isn’t in my book loan consolidation. You are just paying off a part of the other loan with the money. You aren’t consolidation multiple loans into one. You are almost doing the opposite. As noted elsewhere if you just use the $25k to live off them all other monies you have to pay down the loan then you would be fine doing this. Which is why the rule isn’t enforced because it is impossible to prove


Dumped mine into index funds and never looked back


I took it and I’m glad I did, but I had less in student loans than you. I paid it off early. The up front money really helped with large expenses when getting started/moving to a new city, especially when the Army didn’t pay my first paycheck for 3+ months.


I don’t know much about how this loan works or ROTC, so take this with a grain of salt. Do you have any income? If so, could you structure your finances so that your income is going to the student loans and the USAA loan is going to your personal expenses?


What are you regular monthly expenses / income? If you take the loan and use it to pt your mortgage / car loan / groceries / rent every month, and then pay the equivalent amount off your student loan, how long would it take to “convert” the student loan debt to the other loan? Financial institutions and rules are just stupid. Money is money. If that $25k covers all your living expenses for a year (say), and so you use it for that purpose, and use your income to pay $25k off your student loans, what’s the difference between doing that and just paying the $25k off the loans and the start of they year?