Arizona emails show Trump pushed ‘to prove any fraud’ before Capitol attack

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>As Donald Trump digested news of his two-year suspension from Facebook for inciting the Capitol attack, emails were released in which the Republican president of the Arizona state senate said Trump called her after his election defeat last year, to thank her “for pushing to prove any fraud”. >The emails add to understanding of the evolution of Trump’s “big lie”, that his defeat by Joe Biden was the result of mass electoral fraud, and how it fuelled the deadly assault on Congress on 6 January. >The Arizona emails were obtained by American Oversight, a legal watchdog, via a Freedom of Information request. They showed how Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, pushed officials to act and how a controversial election audit in Arizona’s most populous county came to be set up.


wow, according to Fox News the word “emails” is always bad, just like they’re doing to Fauci…


Last I heard here in GA is that they ordered a grand jury for his phone calls to GA officials.


“If you can’t win, destroy the entire system.” -probably one of Trump’s advisors.


Would instances of his own fraud suffice? We have plenty of proof of that