At least 10 states divert federal welfare funding to religious anti-abortion clinics | Millions in aid intended to go to the neediest families is being used to finance clinics trying to dissuade women from having abortions

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Every state should have an anti-anti-abortion squad to keep an eye on these sneaky fucks. They’re like mice. They’ll get their grubby paws into anything and everything they can and we must be ever vigilant against them. “Pregnancy crisis centers” are a crime in and of themselves. The fact that taxpayers are unwittingly funding even one of them is beyond abominable. Especially when it’s depriving the needy of things they actually need.


It’s grift, all the way down from the churches to the right wing politicians


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see my home (Indiana) on that list. What a fucking shame.


For conservatives life begins at conception and ends at birth. Once the baby pops out of the womb they not only lose interest in it, they consider it a burden, a waste of oxygen, and are happy if it dies.


So perhaps more sex education and access to both control would be a good start?