Budget tip, pick up some gardening.

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If you have a window facing south, you can eveb grow things there


The old joke is that buying a tomato plant (and pot, soil, etc) is the best way to spend $100 to get $3 worth of produce 🙂 Herbs, greens, etc are probably better, as you mention in the OP.


When I buy green onions, I replant the bottom of it as soon as I cut it off. They will regrow in any pot quite quickly, and it’s like a free second onion. Bok choy will also regrow easily.


I’ve been doing that lately. Fresh herbs from the store are expensive and I usually only used a handful before the rest went bad. I’ve got coriander, basil and parsley atm plus some tomatoes. Zucchini are really easy to grow too.


If you eat eggs save the shells wash them out, dry them in the sun then crush them and scatter around herbs in a circle like barrier. If you have a snail/slug problem this is a natural barrier to keep them away from your plants plus it slow breaks down providing the soil nutrients. Coffee grounds do the same job.