Building a global network Atheists-helping-atheists – We plan to create a global network of atheists, helping atheists in need. At least one person in every country, that speaks the language, can retrieve information about legal and social issues and can help us saving peoples lives. Wanna join?

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We need an underground railroad to help those at risk of being killed for apostasy or other extreme treatment escape.


Good initiative. For Italy, I recommend contacting the UAAR = Unione Atei Agnostici Razionalisti (Rationalist Agnostic Atheist Union) which is the prominent Atheist organization here


Dog, I hate that my first thought was hey! What a great way to identify the local atheists for later “elimination”. I’m paranoid, true.


Great idea. I also agree with u/gillyyak about the potential outing of the atheists.. Not to mention, the success rate of exfiltrating atheists is fewer than the number of rubber/rickety dinghies making it to Europe from North Africa. The logistics for actually doing an underground network is astronomical, to put it mildly. Just imagine the bureaucracy ahead of trying to get an atheist street painter from Pakistan or an impoverished secularist writer from Indonesia to safer shores, unless you are Bruce Wayne or El-Good Musk. And I see little evidence to back up your claims of doing so, ever, as yet. I will be happy to be proven wrong. Ecstatic even.


I’ve wished for such a thing pretty much forever. The big problem is when it comes to laws there’s often a huge gulf between knowing what they are and actually being able to take advantage of them.