Buying the “best-seller” pants for females in bulk and reselling them after replacing the pockets with actually big/usable ones, would probably make millions.

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Google women’s pants with pockets, plenty of companies sell them. The reason big stores don’t is because they always sell like shit. If a company could make more by having pockets they would – and before you say “but then they wouldn’t sell purses!”, stop. That’s some NASA-is-hoax level shit. Do you have any idea how many clothing companies there are that would all have to be in kahoots? Even if they were, fashion is incredibly low-cost to enter, you don’t think some new entrant wouldn’t try? On top of ALL that, there are pants companies that don’t make purses, so why don’t they? Why don’t you buy 1 pair of pants, spend $5 stitching bigger pockets, and then sell that – if it goes well, do it with 2 pants next time. Repeat until you either stop selling or have enough sales to justify an investment


Me being from the UK and thinking since when do pants have pockets in…


Small pockets accentuate the woman’s body. Guess which sell the most at virtually every retailer?


How much upcharge would you pay for those pockets? Would it be worth a living wage for all that labor? Because you have an idea there…


It’s so annoying when pants don’t have pockets or have fake pockets