Class action lawsuit filed against Dell for false advertising over Alienware laptop’s upgradeability

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Lol, long overdue. Alienware is overpriced for what it is. And often the advertising is grand overpromise.


How can I join ? I have an Alienware 51m R2. i7/2070 super Its CPU is a 10700 k and the socket is compatible for 11th gen. But dell won’t release a bios update for it to make the switch. I asked dell if I can buy the rtx 2080 gpu. They dont even have it on their site. No link or whatever. About 1 year since its release in 2020 June, and still no link to upgrading the graphics


Can the ability to be upgraded ever be precidented?


I’ve got a vendetta against them because they excluded ReBAR support from their 3070 cards for no good reason. I didn’t spend 1800 on a PC to be the only 3070 owner without Resizable BAR. Returned the PC and got a 3080TI so all’s well that ends swell.


Funny enough I just got an area51m for christmas hahaha