Colonial Pipeline hackers used unprotected VPN to access network: report

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Not surprised. Anyone can easily set up a VPN that lacks adequate security. One might do so to enjoy streaming movies unavailable locally with the help of a friend abroad or a small enterprise might be set up for employees working at home. It’s just human nature to set up and forget these VPNs.


Goyteamsix tells others to go to r/conspiracy meanwhile peddling other conspiracies on here 😂


>The password for the particular VPN account the hackers used, which has since been deactivated Well at least that’s resolved. Whew. In retrospect, I guess the challenge would have been to deactivate it *before* the entire Eastern seaboard was shut down. Critical national infrastructure and whatnot… who coulda seen that coming, am I right? Oh well, lessons learned. That’s just one of these things they don’t teach you in sysadmin school!


Payment in Bitcoin (blockchain) wonder if these things would be as profitable if they wanted physical gold or silver?? Great thing about crypto currency is Privacy, bad thing about Crypto is Privacy when bad guys are hurting the people who buy gasoline. Wait a sec that’s ALL OF US


Well they were working for the US government so I suspected their work to be more sloppy… though the governments coordinated attack on crypto will continue, they have their own CBDC to release…