Congress Needs to Defend Vote Counting, Not Just Vote Casting

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Congress can’t do anything without removing the Filibuster. HR1? No. Infrastructure? No. DC statehood? No. Police/ Criminal justice reform? No. Gun reform? No. Student loan forgiveness? No. Green New Deal? No. Supreme Court reform? No. Welcome to the rule of the minority, people keep writing about democracy is dying and they don’t realize that it’s already dead and we’re not doing anything to revive it.


* It does not matter how they voted, it is important how and who counted. ” Joseph Stalin, 1923.


The people running the most recent election did so with risk to their health. Especially during the primaries, when we didn’t really understand how COVID spread or could be stopped. And their reward after they demonstrated their commitment to democracy, and ran an incredibly successful election with a turnout not seen in the lifetimes of most, was death threats.


Congress won’t do shit because of Manchin and Sinema.


Also piss off with voting federal holiday — **ALL MAIL-IN VOTING NOW** Nevada just joined Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. California is slowly catching up. It’s easy and gives you a month to vote and resolve issues.