Cops Are Now Using BolaWrap Electric Lasso on People.

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Somebody’s gonna get garrotted with this. Bet.


> And is firing a gunpowder-propelled restraint the best way to handle someone experiencing a mental health crisis? is deploying the cops with firearms and very few de-escalation skills the best way to deal with a mental health crisis ? of course, if the US had a health system that actually worked for the majority of the population, you might be able to actually deploy someone who didn’t rely on firearms to “resolve” conflicts and social issues


See….designed to take down non threatening individuals who are just standing there with their hands at their sides.


>Also referred to as “remote handcuffs,” it allegedly works at a distance of 10 to 25 feet and is meant to be used on suspects who are “non-compliant.” Get ready for them to use it on someone who is completely restrained 2 inches from their face.


Because these are the things the government should be blowing its budget on. “Instead of real solutions, lets just make a Bola Gun.”/s. Bet you there’ll be a handful of “accidents” where the officer mistakes their sidearm for their BolaGun Edit: Punctuation and Formatting