Corporations temporarily changing their logos to include a rainbow during pride month is not a signal of any real progress.

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Corporations engaging with the LGBT community without fearing economic loss is a startling change from even a decade ago. I don’t know if such gestures contribute to progress, but viewing them as simple markers of our society-wide shift makes me realize how things have progressed since then.


It’s not creating any real progress, sure…but it definitely is a *signal* of real progress. You think any corporation can do that 20 years ago? They would’ve gotten crucified!


Yes it is? It’s very much the definition of a sign of change. Does it mean the corporations will suddenly become good and righteous? No, of course not, but that’s not what a sign of change is. The fact that the cold, heartless corporations deem it profitable to appear pro-human rights is a sign that the pro-human rights side is winning.


Companies just ride the wave of what ever is mainstream and popular and will make consumers think they care. Hint hint wink wink they don’t


It absolutely signals process. There are only two reasons a company would indicate support for pride month. 1) The company and its executives actually supports LGBTQ rights. This signals progress. 2) The company thinks that supporting pride will result in them making money. This means that more consumers support pride then do not. This also signals progress.