Etsy is profiting from fake COVID vaccination IDs and misinformation merchandise

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Why on earth you spend $20 for a fake vaccination card when you can get vaccinated for free? and your chance of getting COVID-19 will be much lesser. This idiocy is beyond me.


Wait a minute,USA vaccination cards don’t have anything to authenticate that it is a real ? I’m from India, here you will get a qr code attached to the vaccination certificate which you can scan to verify the information provided in the card.


Last I knew forgery was still a crime. A felony in fact. Let’s see how this works out for them.


Can’t you just print one off yourself? It’s not like it requires anything special beyond some decent cardstock… FYI I have the real thing, this is just an observation. I actually laminated mine, which means it could be printed on cheap paper without anyone knowing.


Go get free vaccine OR pay money for a fake vaccination card. 🤔