Facebook to end special treatment for politicians after Trump ban – report

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Too little, too late. Fnck Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg.


Politicians are more guilty of spreading lies than anybody else, and they were getting special treatment. It had to end.


Let’s be real, Facebook realized that their site traffic and user engagement did not drop because Trump was banned. That is what is helping propel this decision.


Welp,we’re about to get a lot more ‘canceled’ politicians acting like Facebook is some public infrastructure that owes them a mass-communication platform.


Why on earth should anyone get special treatment on these sites to begin with, simply because of where they’re employed? “Yeah, we don’t allow overt racism and threats of violence… unless you work at JoAnn Fabrics. Then you can make all the death threats you want.” It’s asinine and always has been. Obligatory Fuck Zuck.