Farmers Deserve the Right to Repair Their Tractors

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As farms have gone corporate, this has become more common. Huge farms can get what they need from vendors. Small farms cannot afford to have a lawyer on staff.


No, everyone deserves the right to study, diagnose, and repair their stuff, not just farmers. No exceptions, no limitations. We have to be careful here, because if the side that opposes the right to repair loses, then their last-ditch effort will be to make an exception only for the farmers and no one else.


How about everybody already has the right? I had this wild idea that when I bought it, it belonged to me


Right to repair is deserved by everyone, no fucking around.


This is a huge problem, not just for farmers. Everything that uses technology, from your phone, your car, to your John Deere tractor are being designed to rely on repairs from the manufacturers. This beholds you to them. They don’t have a customer, they have an atm for life.