Florida sugar mill worker, 86, fatally shoots boss after he’s fired, sheriff says

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This is just sad all around, sad for the victim and his family, sad that someone has to work in their 80’s.


Well now he is going to be looked after for the rest of his life


Can we talk about why an 86 year old should still need to work


I worked at a job where we had an employee in their 80s, and while they grew older and slower, absolutely 0 attempts were made to accommodate the employee, even though we had the means and the need for them in other departments. All management cared about, was documenting reasons they could use to fire them based on performance. One day they came in and sat down at their desk and there was a timer waiting for them that they had to tap for every task they completed; by all means, this employee was being discriminated against based on age, all us coworkers agreed, but there was nothing we could really do. Imagine being in the elderly worker’s shoes. Obviously what this 86 year old did was wrong and now he will pay the consequences as he should, but having seen management shove an elder out of a company first hand in a pretty nasty way, I can see why the older worker can honestly feel that their livelihood is under assault. Most have no hope of employment when they lose a job at this age. This country needs better protections so that there are fewer elderly people working this far into their lives in the first place.


My mother in law was 86 and on food stamps and a government assisted living stipend Under Trump’s HUD they cut her food stamps from $225 to $15 per month They advised her to find part time work to make up the difference