German forces in Afghanistan facing a major crisis. “Around 22,500 liters of beer, wine and sparkling wine would have to be brought back to Germany in rented Antonov cargo plane or disposed off on site”

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Going to be a hell of a going away party


There are just over a thousand German soldiers deployed in Afghanistan so they should able to polish that off this weekend if they apply themselves.


‘Disposed of on site’ Ok, lets assume a normal person can consume a single liter of alcohol without risk of overdose. However, we are dealing with Germans. So lets just bump that up to 2 liters. Wait, these are German SOLDIERS. 3 liters each. Some quick arithmetic reveals that so long as their are 7,500 German soldiers present, they could dispose of the alcohol in one night. If enough German soldiers are not present, we could make some phone calls and see if any American soldiers are willing to assist. This would, of course, be in the spirit of generosity and togetherness, helping out an ally in their time of need. American soldiers would gladly come to Germany’s aid in this matter, I am quite certain.


Oh shit. That’s like, a whole week’s ration


Sounds like an early Oktoberfest to me