Getting your lobster high might be a more humane way to kill it

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Why do they insist they have to be boiled alive? A sharp blade to the brain kills them instantly, and is painless. Hotboxing them and then boiling them alive is literally just boiling them alive with extra steps.


I just imagine a seafood chef walking into his restaurant for the day, promptly grabbing a bunch of lobsters, going into a small unventilated room and getting high as fuck with them. Employees start to trickle in and have to explain to the new waiter who’s confused why his boss is getting high in a small room with lobsters. “It’s more humane this way.”


I used to work at legal seafood in New England. And for those readers who have any love for animals this is horribly disturbing…it sure is to me! We had several hard-core line cooks who were on work release from prison working in our kitchen. Most were super nice, and I befriended several during cigarette breaks. Some were not quite as amiable.. We offered any size lobster, either boiled, lazy man style, or baked and stuffed. One of our cooks when making baked stuffed lobster would cut open the belly of ia lobsters thorax and pull out the tamale ( liver / vicera) mix it into the seafood stuffing, and reinsert the stuffing into the still writhing lobster as he angrily stared down the horrified servers. The still living, but now stuffed lobster was then inserted into the convection oven on a buttered metal cooking tray. It was super disturbing obviously and I said something to the gm about along with many other servers. He worked there about a week before the head chef saw this fucking nightmare and fired him in front of the staff. No idea what happened to the soulless prick but I know the cooks were trained on proper procedures for baked stuffed lobsters after this point.( knife in the head first)


You can just cut them with a knife in such a way that they die instantly


Dipped in cannabutter afterwards for the full experience