Gifting immortality to someone would actually be the ultimate way of torturing them

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Depends on what kind


If I knew I would never die, I would do soooo much shit. Legal and illegal


God I fucking hate seeing this whole immortality is a curse bullshit. ​ It’s bullshit. Being alive long enough to see the rise and fall of civilizations, entire cultures. Witnessing history in the making, learning hundreds of various skills, technologies. ​ There is so much wonders in this would that it would probably take thousands of years just to witness the current ones, let alone outerspace. Sure it’d be boring, but i’d go visit other planet on super slow ass ships. It’d be amazing.


Whether immortality would be nice or not depends on the type of immortality and the disposition of the owner of the immortality.


Even if you only lived for 300 years or so, you could totally work up to a passive income halfway by having a normal average salary job (like nursing or something) and inserting 5% of your salary into a savings account each month. After 150 years, you should have a pretty decent passive income.