GOP Arizona Senate President Admitted In Email That She Didn’t Believe Audit Would Uncover Widespread Fraud

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Make the AZ RNC pay back the money used on this.


> “I cannot begin to explain how much I really hate this whole thing,” Fann wrote in an early February email, which was released publicly along with hundreds of others by the Arizona Senate due to a public records request from American Oversight. Local newspaper The Arizona Republic first reported on the email. > “Personally I don’t think we will find anything outside of the normal irregularities we have every election but am willing to go this extra mile if it puts these questions and concerns to rest,” Fann continued. Just further illustrates how much of a sham this ‘Fraudit” is. This isn’t about ‘Election Integrity’—if it was, they would be working with Democrats and being fully transparent about everything. No, this is about keeping the “Big Lie” around long enough to keep their base fired up to vote and sow further discord. Fascists! 🤨😡😤


Finding fraud isn’t the goal. It’s all show. They want to destroy any trust in our elections. From now on anytime a gop candidate loses, the gop will cry fraud and rile up their brainwashed base. Minority power/control maintained by threat of violence from the base.


Yeah, but what if we hire a right wing company that calls themselves the Cyber…get this…*ninjas?*


Her attitude is exactly the problem – Everyone except the most deluded know that Biden won and the election was not stolen. But the Republican way means they must shut up and play along with the Trump mob lest they get “primaried. ” Then they would actually have to run a real race instead of getting automatically reelected forever because they are Republican.