Got rear ended in girlfriends rental car

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Call the insurance company of the person who rear ended you and report the claim. Depending on the state you live in, the rental company may not cover the damages because you are not an authorized driver on the contract. They would hold the renter (your girlfriend) responsible for reimbursement.


This just happened to me last December except girlfriend was driving my rental car. The person who rear-ended us had his insurance pay off our rental company.


Do you have auto insurance under your own car, or a parents car, or are you listed driver on her policy already, an auto with collision coverage? Regardless of the drivers approved by the rental car, any of these could afford coverage to the rental car, and then that insurance company would try to get the money back from the responsible party. You can make a claim with the responsible party insurance, which should be straightforward when you are stopped sitting at a light with no safe evasive action from a vehicle that had a duty to avoid hitting what was in front of it. And then keep jogging the elbow of that insurance to deal with the rental car company, if that insurance accepts the claim. (Might be lapsed or excluded driver) Could your trip to get groceries be considered a mission for your gf? (doesn’t sound like it but it can affect the coverage) Any rental car company will try to get the money from you, and they almost don’t care what insurance pays, they just don’t do much legwork to get it from the at fault insurance.


I don’t know what company you used, but I worked for Enterprise for 5 years and know how they would most likely handle the situation. The rental company will only cover damages to their vehicles if you purchase the supplemental damage waiver, otherwise any and all responsibility will fall on the renter and their insurance company. In my state, we were a “no-fault” policy meaning that even if the damage was caused by a third party, we could only pursue the renter and/or their insurance for damages. It was not our job to assess liability, only condition, and when the renter signs for the vehicle they are assuming responsibility for the condition. The renters insurance can collect from the third party, but we report the damages and the renter is responsible for paying their deductible to the rental agency. However, the damage waiver can and will be voided in certain situations. For example if a non-authorized driver were driving the vehicle the company will not cover damages and pursue the renter. Allowing unauthorized drivers was also against our policy and could/most likely will result in the renter to be placed on a “do not rent” list for the entire company for life and will prevent them from renting again under any circumstances. I had to turn away people because they were on our list even though insurance was paying for their rental and their car was in a shop. Those were not fun conversations. So based on my experience I think you can expect her to be responsible for her insurance deductible to the rental company and possibly never being able to rent with the. Again as a minimum. We waived additional driver fees for insurance rentals with my company so you should have been added to the contract to begin with for no additional cost. Her insurance would still have been responsible unless she purchased the waiver, but you’d have been in the clear from the rental side of things. I don’t know if your insurance will cover you driving her rental or if her insurance will cover you driving her rental if you have separate insurance policies, and if they decide not to cover it, your girlfriend will be financially responsible for the full cost of repairs out of pocket up to and including a total loss. That being said, I’d pursue the other person’s insurance as hard as you can. Sure you made a mistake with the rental but getting hit wasn’t your fault and the driver who caused the accident should be held to account. But ultimately with the rental agency they will consider her responsible and work through her to fix it. You should be able to communicate with their damage recovery unit to work something out but I’m sorry to say this will probably be a bit of a hassle until it gets resolved. Just don’t be a dick and they should try to work with you.


Did you call the police? Always get a police report to protect yourself no matter how miniscule the damage. If you plan on filing it with insurance it will definitely help.