Graphene can be used for ultra-high density hard disk drives (HDD), with up to a tenfold jump compared to current technologies. Graphene enables two-fold reduction in friction and provides better corrosion and wear than other solutions. One single graphene layer reduces corrosion by 2.5 times.

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That’s neat, but have they gotten past the hurdle of mass producing graphine yet? It’s got so many neat applications, but last time I checked they can’t make it on an industrial level.


The question is, will this negatively affect the speed of the drive, or the cost?


Thanks for sharing! Continue to hear about graphite / graphene and it’s potential in multiple industries. Hopefully we see some substantial progress here soon.


“reduced by 2.5 times” seems like such an odd construction of language “reduced” usually means “subtracted”, but “times” means “multiplied”, though it seems what they actually mean is “divided”, which is not the word they used at all. Assuming they really do mean “divided by 2.5”, they could’ve just said “reduced by 60%” as 1/2.5 is 0.4 or 40%.


Given no products have actually launched because graphene is so expensive this really is irrelevant.