How’s your mental health? Are you ok?

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Sad. Had to put my doggie down yesterday. He was a good boy.


No. I’m beyond fucked. Next question


This week I left my partner of five years, cancelled our August wedding. She suffers dissociation and often isn’t fully in control of her actions. Sometimes this means self harm that she suddenly “snaps” out of and doesn’t know how it started. In this case she slept with someone else. This isn’t some bullshit excuse for getting caught cheating, I’d have never known if she hadn’t immediately come home and confessed, and the confusion as she tried to explain matched up with the post-dissociation behaviour I’ve seen in the past. She’s been assessed by a mental health team who’ve told me that it’s, unfortunately, surprisingly common for people who have her condition to do longstanding self sabotaging things, it’s a result of serious trauma in an abusive relationship before we got together, and ultimately a belief that she’s not worthy of happiness That’s kinda what makes it so tough. We’re such a good match as a couple, and deep down I know this isn’t her fault, it’s a symptom of an illness, which doesn’t actually surface all that often. I was so fucking excited to be marrying her. But I’d never be able to trust her, because this kind of illness doesn’t just go away, and there’s no point deluding myself into thinking this is fixable I’m gonna spend a long time thinking about how happy we could have been, and how through no fault of our own it’s been taken away. How if we’d gotten her the right therapy, we’d maybe have had a great life together. And it’s only starting to feel real today, so I know I’ve got some really hard weeks ahead. I’ll be OK. I’ve got a good support network and I’m not a danger to myself or anything. Just a tough day so far


It’s hard to relax. I feel like I’m always bothering people and it’s best to be quiet and leave them alone. I have lots of nice friends but they don’t know I’m worried they don’t like me. That when I’m spending time with them I’m worried they are tired of me and are too polite to go home early. That inside they’re disappointed they didn’t stay home and watch TV. My dad died from covid this spring and father’s day is coming up. My girlfriend’s family will invite me over. I won’t want to go. She was complaining about not knowing what to get him. It’s hard to sympathize with that this year. I’m tired, but music keeps me going. I love to sing. Thank you for asking. I hope you’re well.


Lately I’ve been realizing just how fucked my head really is