Hydrogen with those Fries? In Switzerland, McDonald’s Deliveries are by Hydrogen Fuel Cells Trucks. Boasting a range of 400 kilometers, this first H2 truck runs quietly as well as emission-free; refueling with green H2 created using renewable energies takes just 10 minutes.

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Why is it that every time I see a nice article like this where a different fuel source is being used effectively it always gets brigaded by people coming on saying Electric would have been better ? We have all been stuck with Fuel for decades now and as of today we have 2 other sources of energy (Hydrogen/Electric) which show promise of being better in the near future. But despite that so many people seem to think we are better off with only going down 1 road to the exclusion of all else in a belief that only one energy source is perfectly functional from a Scooter all the way up to heavy transport.


Hmm i wonder where they’re getting the hydrogen. My guess, is that they’re not splitting water, because it’s terribly inefficient. Instead they’re probably using methane reforming, which means they’re FULL OF SHIT when they say zero emissions.


Imagine how cheap it would be to run if it just skipped the hydrogen nonsense and just stored that electricty directly into batteries.


If you read the article carefully it doesn’t say where they source their hydrogen but that it is produced using renewables.. they could very well convert natural gas or oil to hydrogen and still claim the vehicles themselves don’t emit any pollutants. I’m not saying that this is the case but it’s a bit suspicious since I think they would of mentioned it if they just used water to get the hydrogen. Anybody know their source? Did I miss it in the article?


Hydrogen is only being pushed because you need a commercial facility to make it, store it and move it around. It’s a monopoly like petrol that demands a 3rd party handle its sourcing. It’s pure fiction imo that it’s anywhere near as convenient or green as electric batteries. Batteries sure aren’t as power dense but they’re improving all the time now they’re becoming a huge part of our products. You can put up a turbine or solar panel yourself and fill it up. Next gen EVs can charge in 5 mins and give 400-500mile ranges. The EV is already here, hydrogen is just another failed way to lock individuals out of self sufficiency.