If Morman missionaries had a dog with them, more people would stop and listen just for the chance to pet the dog.

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– Hello can we talk to you about Jesus? – Your dog is called Jesus? Hello there Jesus! – No! Jesus, our Savior! – What’s the dogs name? – Erm, it’s Max but we’d like to.. – Hellooo Max! Who’s a good boy? WHO’S A GOOD BOY MAX ? – Sir please, we… – What do you feed him? I hope you’re not some of those Barf people… – No, we.. listen, we… – Oh good. So what do you feed him? Personally I prepare my dog’s food myself, he loves it and he gets all needed nutrients without the unwanted crap industrial dog food contains. If you have 5 minutes I can tell you how to make it. I’m sure Max will love it. – … 🙁


As a former Mormon Missionary I can tell you that they would get rid of the dog after the 500th time of hearing, “hey a Mormon dog, how many bitches does he have?”


Had that in a bit of a reverse many years ago. Was walking my dog on the sidewalk and i see two Mormon guys walking towards me, i don’t wanna be rude but they pull right in front of me with the other moving to my right side. So i got a fence to my left, a Mormon to my right and front and my dog tangled around my legs. I was stuck there for good 10 minutes faking pleasantries but the Mormon to my right quickly lost focus after my dog demanded belly rubs from him. That distracted the other fellow and we could all totally tell. I gave my boy extra treats that day, that was a good boy.


Lol, am I the odd one out? I always talk to the Mormons, they’re really friendly and they usually just gave me a little magazine every month. I lived on the same street as their church once, I’d see one every day. One of the nicest people, I didn’t mind at all.


My catholic mom welcomed the two boys in and fixed them a couple of peanut butter jelly sandwiches and 2 huge glasses of fresh milk. 1978? I can’t remember. They left us a blue book too. I wonder where it is nowadays. Do they still wear a white shirt with a tie?