It frustrates me when I see black people ditching Christianity for Islam

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It’s like a drunk switching from whiskey to rum and thinking that they’ve improved their lives.


This reminds me of something I’ve read about Muhammad Ali when he changed his name from Cassius Clay and became a Muslim. He spurned the name Cassius Clay because it was a ‘slave name’ that traced back to a white slave owner. He adopted Islam instead of Christianity because he thought Islam was a black man’s religion and Christianity was a white man’s religion. But he apparently missed that the original Cassius Clay, although at one time a slave owner, later became an activist for emancipation and a hero of former slaves. Former slaves honored him by naming their children after him, and the name eventually made it’s way down to a child who became the famous boxer. Ali also perhaps missed that Islam was only a black man’s religion because it was forced upon them during the Arab slave trade. I hope I’ve got the details roughly right here – I’m just going from memory, maybe somebody can correct me. <edit – streamlined the wording>


Yeah that must be painful to watch, in a way they are still slaves but this time its somehow by choice


preach!! also check out Black Nonbelievers, an amazing organization


I am half black half Pakistani my mom is alway like Islam is better than Christianity after she converted because my dad was muslin and saw how he put god overs his family. She almost never talks to me because I am an atheist.