Japanese Convenience stores and fast-food chains will be obliged to charge for disposable plastic spoons, straws and forks from spring 2022 under legislation passed June 4 by the Diet to cut down on such garbage, an issue that has gained global prominence

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I visited Japan and I will say Japan uses a TON of plastic packaging for their foods and goods.


Oh Japan is ridiculous when it comes to plastic. I buy a packet of Mentos and they try and put it in a bag.


Seems like a good idea, manufacturers will adapt if demand drops and they will make something more environmentally friendly.


I’m super down with one time use plastics being cut out, but I usually never see anything about Styrofoam. That shit can be pretty nasty.


That’s good and all, but why charge consumers for utensils they need instead of charging food manufacturers for all the additional plastics and wrappers they use in the name of “presentation”?