J&J develops reshaping contact lenses for childhood myopia. The system includes a software that can accurately assess the corneal topography

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Orthokeratotomy has been around for decades.


Eye Braces


another episode of things that you never hear of again


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This looks like a reuse or new design of the wave contact system. This has been used for years to produce fully custom lenses based on imaging and measuring of eyes. Maybe they are licensing the tech or now have a competing technology? Their system works for all sorts of lenses, not just ortho-k though, so who knows. I have years worth of personal experience with OK lenses, done many, many hours of research and reading as I have weird eyes. Detailed in other posts. Any new advance is interesting, but I don’t really see anything new here yet. Maybe they have a new style design, or maybe they are using it combined with a drug that helps reform eyes more permanently. Tons of studies in the past on this but nothing stuck. Or maybe they are in the belief that using the lenses will help more permanently change eyes if they are in the right shape as they grow and they will become more fixed in position? Need more info. Btw properly designed ortho-k is not uncomfortable (after a fashion). The lenses are to be worn at night only in most cases and the comfort issue is caused by movement through blinking. No blinking, no feeling. Wearing them at all during the day is a problem as they center differently eyes open vs eyes closed. Really messes with your vision. If they fit you should get used to sleeping in them in just a few days. I never noticed mine. in fact they actually helped keep my eye surface moist overnight, as I have dry eyes that are worse while sleeping. Unfortunately my required correction zone is just too large for proper night vision and I had to stop for safety reasons with night driving after much trying. My vision with the lenses was.. amazing, way beyond 20/20 in bright light.