LPT: College freshman- always go to class even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes professors give out bonus points for going to class when a lot of people don’t go.

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Also, if you start thinking that going to class is optional, you have to make a decision about whether you will go to each and every class. And there will be times when you make the wrong decision. Just go. Even if you are going to sit in the back and sleep. Don’t let going to class become a decision rather than a requirement.


I’m a professor. When one of my classes had slowly declining attendance and reached a low point, I ended the class by mentioning how disappointed I was in the low turnout, thanked the students who showed up, and spontaneously gave them all one additional point on their final grade, just for being there. Attendance shot back up, beginning with the next class. But I’ve only done that once in ten years of teaching, so don’t count on it. A better reason for regular attendance is that you’ll do better in the class.


ALSO: attending greatly increases your chances of learning coursework. #You are there to learn. And when the professor is grading work, knowing that you are a regular consistent attendee will only help.


This is true, but I think the bigger reason for going to class is that YOU PAID FOR IT.