LPT- For the love of all that is good and holy, when you buy electronics, label the cords with small tags or tape and what the cord is for. Don’t end up like the rest of us with a giant graveyard box of cords in the garage that we have no idea what they are for, but are too scared to get rid of.

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Look on device. Locate input voltage and power draw as well as polarization. Go to pile. Locate power cable with same specs. Boom. Good to go.


I love my box of unknown cables. Every time I need to buy something I look there first. It’s like magic.


The problem with tape and labels is they can leave a sticky residue over time, especially if the back of whatever electronic gives off heat. I sort unused cords of like type into a plastic bag, insert a post-it note detailing the type and lengths, and keep all the bags in a clear bin. This minimizes tangling, and makes retrieval much easier. It also allows me to confidently repurpose excess duplicates into rope, etc.


I generally label everything. But if I’m keeping old cords, I keep them with the old electronics that I will probably never use again.