LPT If you are currently unemployed and looking treat the task of “finding a job” your job. Wake up early, shower, eat breakfast and get to doing career research, editing your resume, applying to jobs, and doing more of the last three things. Take breaks but treat it like you have to clock back in.

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On paper, this seems like a great idea, but as someone who has done A LOT of job searching over the years, there’s a few fatal flaws with the “Treat a job search as a full-time job” trope. Eventually, you’re going to run out of places to apply to. Thanks to the internet, job searching is much less time consuming, and provides a lot of information that used to take hours or days to find out. Autofill makes filling out an application online a very brief task, and a Resume.pdf can be sent to lots of people and places in short order. Looking and applying for jobs is easier than it has ever been. When I was job searching this way, it was VERY common for me to apply to 10-20 jobs in less than an hour or two. Once you’ve applied everywhere, there’s nothing left to do but wait to hear back If you keep your resume up-to-date, very little editing needs to be done. Ever. It takes about 5 minutes to update a resume with your last job, and its duties, so I’m not sure how one can “do more resume editing” after its been fully updated. Researching a company and a job offer, and applying for it, should all go hand-in-hand, why would you apply for a job at a company when you know NOTHING about either? “I’m desperate to pay my rent!” Yeah, I get that, but you’re not doing yourself, or anyone else, any favors trying for a job that you literally can’t do. Applying for a job that you don’t have the skills or qualifications for is a waste of your time, the hiring manager’s time, and the company’s time. Despite internet advice to “apply for jobs you don’t think you’re qualified for” faking your way through an interview and landing a job you don’t know how to do, isn’t good for anybody, and makes you look like an idiot or an asshole or both. Most people who do this don’t even make it through the first day on the job. Insisting on a paper application when a company tells everyone to apply online, makes them less likely to hire you because you’ve proven you either can’t follow basic instructions, or don’t care to, and HR doesn’t have time for that BS when a hundred other people who want the job are doing what they were told. On a similar note, calling a place up every other day after you apply, and trying to pester or annoy them into hiring you, doesn’t make you look professional or that you “really want the job” it makes you seem annoying, and pushy. Just because it worked for “Uncle Boomer” back in the 80s/90s or whatever, doesn’t mean it’s gonna work today.


Very true and good info. You will feel a lot less lazy if you put hours into researching jobs, filling out applications, and writing various cover letters. I like to keep a spreadsheet of all the places I contacted to see where my progress is. A check when they call me, a check when I get an interview, a check for when I send my follow up email, etc. It makes it easier to keep track of which company is calling me, too, if I put down the name of the place + the role.


This is a good one. My wife also gave me a tip that seemed so obvious but really helped me… Instead of staying in your pajamas or comfy clothes all day get dressed as if you’re going out. Not necessarily fancy or anything but like you’re running errands. It helped me get into a productive mindset!


Type this in your google search bar: “[your city] [you state] hiring bonus” it gives a list of all the places hiring in your area along with their offering bonus