LPT: If you are leaving LAX(busy airport) in an Uber/Lyft don’t go to the designated pick up zone. Take a car rental bus out of LAX to their lot and call your ride from there. Save at least 50% of your money.

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In Denver, take the commuter rail train into the city for $11.


This goes for every airport. Walk off the airport property and it gets cheaper. Personally I usually just get public transport wherever I want to go, but if you must get a taxi get it outside


Hotel shuttles are usually easiest – just pick one in the direction you’re going and move on from there.


You can’t really “walk across the street” from LAX, though. If you are picking someone up/dropping off, take Airport instead of Century to avoid traffic. I lived about 10 minutes away for a few years and did a lot of that with visitors. Also try LAX Tacos on Arbor Vitae just across the 405.