LPT: If you forget the name of a casual acquaintance, don’t feel bad asking for their name. It’s quite possible they forgot yours too and this prevents ongoing awkwardness.

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Tell them “I forgot your name”, and when they tell you their first name, say “I meant your last name”. They’ll think you knew the first name even though you didn’t, and now you have a full name.


When I was going to college there was another guy that would sit in the outside eating area with me. We would talk about stuff, eat, smoke cigarettes, and talk some more for about 40 minutes every day. After about a year I realized I didn’t even know his name, and I have no idea if he even knew mine.


Nah, I’ll just keep making small talk for months and hope someone else uses their name in conversation.


This is a good LPT. I don’t know why there’s this weird thing about saying you forgot someone’s name. It’s so easy to just apologize and say you forgot and ask to be reminded.