LPT: If you’ll be headed out of town on an extended vacation, cook and freeze meals (such as a tray of lasagna) for when you return. It’s much easier than getting home and realizing you have to go grocery shopping immediately.

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For 99% of people, this would mean going to the grocery store before going on vacation just to get lasagna ingedients. Dumb. Just make a store bought frozen lasagna, frozen pizza, or order out 1 night.


I do the opposite. I only buy takeout or small ingredients, and try to leave it as empty as possible. I’ve had my fridge break down on me before, more than once, and it always sucks when it’s right after you shop.


This is what delivery is for


And please combine this with the coin-on-ice-hack* to notice if the power has gone out during your vacation so that you won’t give yourself food poisoning. (* You put a coin on a piece of ice, for example on one of your ice cubes in the cube tray, or you just freeze a bit in a plastic cup. If the power goes out and the freezer gets warm, the ice melts and the coin starts to sink to the bottom of the tray/cup. If the freezer starts working again the ice might freeze again, but you’ll know it thawed at some point because the coin is now in the ice.)