Massachusetts officer dies trying to save teen who drowned in city pond

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Im confused by exactly what happened after reading the article. Several responders entered the water, but the boy and one cop didn’t make it, and one of the divers is being treated for injuries.


The officer, one of five who jumped into the water, was identified as Manny Familia, 38. Two lives were lost that day, the 14 year old and the officer.


When I was a first responder, our trainer/instructor says the first rule is to keep yourself safe. Then he added “but if there’s kids involved, I don’t think I can follow that rule”. RIP.


Tragedy. Highlights the skill and training of lifeguards around the world. Living by a California beach, I regularly witness the lifeguards jumping into high surf and rough waters, summer and winter, to rescue swimmers and surfers. Every time, I take my hat off to their courage and professionalism and realize they, not me, are capable of safely making a water rescue. However, I have no doubt a lifeguard, like a policeman, will act to save a life under any circumstances; it’s just their nature.


My sympathies for both families what a tragedy.