Move out of my parents and live alone, or stay home and save money?

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> My dad also has a strict rule that I’m not allowed to have friends over, male or female, since my family is very introverted and it’s “his house” You make $80k/year. Move out. Go be an adult.


You’re financially ready to move out. You’ve basically saved your entire income (unless you started with a large nest egg in December) which means you have the discipline to manage your finances correctly. You’re also being limited by your parents lifestyle. You can still go home to see them and stay with them whenever you want. You will have to wait longer to buy a house, but in this case there’s no rush.


My opinion: you’re financially ready to move out, living with your parents is impacting you negatively (mentally) and probably them to some degree. At the same time, you’re months away from potential benefits of an eviction moratorium lowering rent. In my area, rent has increased 30-50% in the last year. If you rent a place today or next week, it’s potentially at the worst time and you’ll be locked into that rate. My thoughts: start cooking again and go on some walks with your dogs. Get yourself a vape pen and smoke it on those walks. Plan to do this for a couple of months while you save more aggressively and keep an eye on the market.


move out. You seem to know how to manage your money, you’ll be fine. time to have fun and get a girl. Get your shot.