Muslims in Austria fear attacks after government publishes “Islam map” of mosques and Muslim associations

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> The map is intended to “fight political ideologies, not religion,” Integration Minister Susanne Raab said Thursday. I’m confused by this statement. What was the map supposed to accomplish?


It has already been taken offline and will probably not return. To the surprise of nobody a nazi group immediately started to attack mosques and other muslim addresses.


The thing about extremist jihadi types is that they’re mostly bored, disaffected youth. If they go to a mosque (which is rare), they’re usually on their phones because they find actual Islamic knowledge uninspiring. Most of the time, they’re involved in petty crime and don’t want have anything to do with what they consider a “sellout” community. I know some people find that explanation intellectually unsatisfying but I’m basing this on actual lived experiences of Muslims living in the west as well as the research work of Olivier Roy and Scott Atran. Mosques are not scary places. It’s mostly empty space with soft carpeting for salat (prayer). You can be the most hardcore anti-theist type and believe it’s not a conduit of violence.


Do they also have a Christian map and Jewish map?


I seem to remember an Austrian born man feeling similarly about being able to identify a minority and track them – ah yes Hitler. Well done Austria, keep up your traditions.