NASA’s Juno to get a close look at Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. The first of the gas-giant orbiter’s back-to-back flybys will provide a close encounter with the massive moon after over 20 years.

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Super excited for this! Jupiter’s moons are a treasure trove of research.


And to think this mission almost didn’t have a camera


Here’s a list of the upcoming moon flybys for Juno’s extended mission with an altitude of ~10,000km or less. 6/7/21: Ganymede, 1,045 km 9/29/22: Europa, 356 km 10/15/23: Io, 11,627 km 12/30/23: Io, 1,495 km 2/3/24: Io, 1,424km There are a couple more relatively close flybys of Io at ~18 and 22 thousand km, which will still be useful for some measurements but unlikely to produce any high quality close up images.


Psh…the cowboy bebop has made a ton of trips to Ganymede


Ganymede, if we could tow it into orbit around the sun at a similar distance as earth, would be readily habitable and it is the only other body in the system that is that way because of the magnetic field and plentiful water. Now, how do we tow it?