Native American tribe in Maine buys back island taken 160 years ago | Native Americans

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I hope they only paid 3 iron knives, 100 beads, and half a bottle of whiskey.


> It’s a spiritually important place for the tribe, filled with graves from devastating smallpox, cholera and measles outbreaks caused by white settlers. > **In 1794 it was officially granted to the tribe by Massachusetts for their service during the revolutionary war. But after 1820, when Maine became its own state, colonialists changed its title, voiding the treaty.** In the 1851 census there were 20 Passamaquoddy living there, in 1861 there were none. America and stabbing people who help them in the back, name a more iconic duo.


In California there always debate on the lsnd buying as fears of a casino being built. Its funny. One near my town was willing to sign paperwork and make contracts and pay the town to prove they don’t want a casino. But people did not believe it


This land was not purchased by the tribe with tribe money, it’s purchased with grant money that is given to the tribe from conservation organizations. They won’t even pay taxes on it (or it’ll be greatly reduced) given the nature of these transactions. I can not stress enough that this is not the same as the tribe going out and using tribe funds from tribe members to buy something stolen from them. They were basically given this land back thanks to people who donate to organizations like The Nature Conservancy and other land conservation organizations/government grants that support these purchase agreements. This is a great story, although I’m sorry they ever lost it in the first place, we all know that was inexcusably wrong.


It wouldn’t be fair for me to buy back my own catalytic converter from the dude who sawed it off.