Nigeria Suspends Twitter After It Deleted A Tweet By The President

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Nigerian here, for those who dont understand what is going on. the Nigerian civil war saw the deaths of 3 million innocent civilians, one of the most hidden genocides in Africa. ​ The Nigerian President used same rhetoric, warning to use civil war tactics on citizens, we reported and twitter removed it, and today we get social media censorship


For anyone who actually cares and isn’t here to make the same stupid Nigerian prince jokes from 2006, Nigerians made the mistake of electing a former dictator who overthrew an elected government twice and now he’s acting like a dictator again. I know most of you don’t care, but when your politicians start screaming **MIGRANT CRISIS**, **ISIS SYMPATHISERS** and **FIGHTING AGE MEN** you will ask why nobody did anything about it sooner. This is what the president said so I don’t get asked any more >Many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the Biafra war. Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand


Clearly I’m ignorant on this issue but serious question: how does anyone ban an entire country effectively from an internet website?


Twitter needs to realise Nigeria is a private country and if they want to operate there then they should just build their own Nigeria


I can’t ****ing believe some of the posts I’m seeing in this thread… For all you people saying “good”, the reason this is happening is because the man posted genocidal tweets against a section of the country and ***Nigerians*** themselves reported them, and as a result, Twitter took the tweets down. Now he’s throwing a tantrum and doing this without thinking of the consequences for Nigerian influencers, digital marketers, online businesses, customer service, IT people and other tech folk, especially at a time when the economy, family income and employment under this government has been utter TRASH. And now his information minister is talking about a wide-spread clamp down on social media, something he has campaigning for for years, when a big reason his government came into power in the first place was because of massive social media campaign, including hit-pieces, targeted at the previous president and administration, and using Twitter **especially**. Given Facebook has also deleted his posts, I wonder if they will ban FB as well. Even though people are already pissed at this Twitter ban, Nigerians don’t joke with their Facebook. Where you guys complaining when Facebook and Twitter were deleting Trump’s tweets and posts? In fact, those were deleted for the same reasons, and as a result of the complaints of citizens. In fact, the guy has been behaving like Trump for years now (with similar effects on his country), except being more successful politically. I know you guys are like this because no one actually gives a shit about Nigeria. Just like no one gave a shit when the military gunned down protesters during Nigeria’s version of BLM (which, I might add, Twitter was also a major reason #endSARS was even able to be a thing. And the government also threw a tantrum then). As a Nigerian-American, this whole thing is ***infuriating***.