People who like to read: What recommendations do you have?

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Don’t read books you aren’t enjoying. The number one thing I hear from people who wish they read more is that they stopped when they encountered a book that they didn’t have the “discipline” to finish. If you’re reading for your own satisfaction you shouldn’t need any discipline. The right book for you will pull you in and you’ll want to keep picking it up. There are many shitty books out there. Some even got called great works of literature somehow. Some people seem to have beaten over the head with too many “books are magic” slogans and I guess started thinking all books are good? Books can be bad. Or books can be not the right one for you. If you find yourself needing discipline to keep reading a book, you should put it down and try a different book. I read 100 library books last year. You know how? I checked out over 200 library books last year. That’s right, I finished reading less than half of the books I checked out. More than half of the books I checked out I read less than 3 chapters of, before deciding they weren’t for me and tossing them in the return bin.


read away from noisy cars, somewhere outside. the martian is a fantastic book.


Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Basically anything by those two will be worth your time, though. Edit: fixed a typo.


Name of the Wind, and, A Wise Man’s Fear, by Patrick Routhfuss are great. But the third book isn’t out yet.ans who knows if and when that will happen. I am hopeful he will do it.


Read anything that isn’t doomscrolling social media. As for a book recommendation, that all depends. What age group are you? What concepts (e.g. fantasy, futuristic, space, biology, nature, personal development, marketing strategy etc) interest you? Your best bet is to search /r/books for previous version of this thread. Happy hunting!