Protesters gather for second night in Minneapolis after law enforcement kills suspect

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> No body camera or squad car camera footage from the incident exists, according to the BCA, which said the marshals service doesn’t allow body cameras for officers serving on that task force. You’d think police would be _demanding_ body cameras at this point. Would make things a lot easier if they had footage to back up their statement that he opened fire on them first.


They don’t “allow” for body cameras on THAT task force. what does that mean? how is anyone supposed to read that and not think, “why no cameras on this specific task force?” Just put cameras on them already! this kind of garbage makes them seem like they are trying to hide shit.


This is the same one with protesters not even knowing the name of the individual right?


These idiots are ruining my city


Looting and violence can’t happen everytime people protest officer involved shootings. Protests are fine if their peaceful but these businesses and local police weren’t involved, the feds were. This is stupid and it can’t go on like this.