Ransomware attacks are closing schools, delaying chemotherapy and derailing everyday life

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Many companies and governments alike spend very little towards IT infrastructure, often times outsourcing to the lowest bidder and end up with results like this. They often have archaic rules, limited downtime and poor training for workers that exacerbate issues like this. On the flip side countries have also done little to legislate what is effectively hostage/terrorist type situations that these are.


This month in Ireland they attacked the health service and when that didn’t work it attacked children’s hospitals specifically.


Google was down for just one hour for one day in the last 25 years. The economic costs were in the billions of dollars. A lot of people who had smart appliances found themselves unable to turn on the lights. These randomware attacks are the small end… bigger stuff is coming.


These should be considered terrorist attacks and the consequences on those responsible should be extreme even if it means direct confrontation with nation States.


Remember when Putin said “Russia’s response will be swift, asymmetrical and severe.” Welp. Here we are. It’s time to put the squeeze on Putin et al., imo