School district agrees to pay $3M in bullied child’s suicide

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An 8 year old killing himself should never happen. It’s hard for me to imagine a child that age carrying such a heavy burden. The article has no details and makes me wonder whether the parents of the oppressors knew what was going on. They should have been notified to hold some responsibility for the situation.


I was bullied throughout elementary and middle school. I can remember numerous meetings my parents had with the school, the school never did anything about it. My parents finally told me I could stand up for myself and wouldn’t get in trouble with them. So one day I did. I fought back. I got 2 weeks suspension, the other 2 kids nothing. They believed I was the aggressor, not the other 2 kids.


I’m shocked knowing how young this kid was to do something like this. The school must have some major issues if they didn’t recognize that this boy was being bullied to the extent that he killed himself. RIP little guy.


Fuck this is heart breaking, poor fucking kid.


3 million yeah that’s fine… Who’s going to jail for this long-term abusr for a kid that went unchecked?